Monomania is a collective assembled in Poitiers (France) by artist Olivier Rigaud in 2022,
gathering six people/artists who explore image creation with "artificial intelligence"
and simultaneously question "artificial intelligence" via image-making.

The focus is on bridging traditional artistic practice/insight and AI imaging,
in the process generating innovative and out-of-the-ordinary images
that are perhaps only possible with these new tools.

We share our work through the MONOMANiA graphzine, a limited edition
graphic publication for people who enjoy watching images slowly.

Resisting the AI-facilitated infinite-scrolling flood of images online,
we have resolutely opted for restraint and for sobriety:
Each issue explores a theme by purely visual means - images !
A small number of pages, to emphasize the importance of choice
A large format (21x21cm) with full-page images
Quality paper, to encourage slow reading

It is important for us to extract AI images from their digital/online ecosystem
in order to apprehend/rate them properly. (as in the UEF 2023 exhibition)

Monomania is not on any "social" media.


Monomania team (Paris, Poitiers, Dublin, Bruxelles):
Igor Bracha, Lia Mouchy, Sam Pierce, Paul Poullain, Olivier Rigaud, Renée Willens.
Coordination: O. Rigaud.

All images on this site and in the publication are 100% AI-made
via "text-to-image" and "image-to-image" software and have not been
retouched save for some slight cropping/uncropping.

AI "bugs" are interesting and historical markers.
Perfection is illusory.
6 fingers, so what?